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Enhancing the railway system together.

We are convinced that the railway system is essential for current and future mobility. Together with our customers we work on the continuous improvement of the well-proven system.

Who we are

Since 2006 we have been offering our expertise to all organisations involved in the manufacture, operation and maintenance of rail vehicles.
Our customers are supported in their joint projects by an experienced team of engineers, consultants and inspectors.
Our services include consulting and engineering services, conformity assessments and expert services. These are organised in a close network of independent companies and thus form the basis for the long-term and sustainable development of our small group of companies.
We contribute our expertise in the fields of rail vehicle technology, maintenance and manufacturing technology, railway law and railway operation.
The application of this knowledge and our experience to the processes of operation and maintenance results in added value for our customers.


In order to be able to offer our customers comprehensive solutions, the companies of the RöschConsult Group work together with partners from their industry network, depending on the content and scope of the project.
These include planning offices for workshops, certifiers and notified bodies (NoBos), IT service providers, e.g. for SAP solutions for maintenance, manufacturers of innovative testing technologies, engineering offices and consulting firms associated in partnership.
Working in associations gives us the opportunity to help shape the railway system at a political and social level. We contribute practical knowledge from our projects.

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